Car Accident Attorneys Dallas – Brain Injuries

Car Accident Attorneys Dallas – Brain Injuries

Serious brain and spinal injuries require special and immediate attention. Our law firm has extensive experience assisting victims of brain and spinal injuries. We help victims and their families to overcome the trauma related to these incidents. car accident lawyers - brain and spine injuries

When one suffers from a brain injury, they may look just fine physically, and may also appear healthy and normal in casual encounters. Often family members, friends, coworkers, and employers do not understand or sympathize with an injury that they cannot readily see. When a person suffers a physical injury, the attention is often on the obvious visible injuries, such as cuts and broken bones. A closed head injury to the brain is an injury that is often one of the more overlooked injuries. A broken bone can heal, but the unseen injury of a bruised brain may never fully recover. More on this page @

When the brain is injured, the essence of the person is often adversely affected. Personality, memory, reason, and temperament are often affected and impaired in strange and complicated ways. These confusing problems can expand into debilitating 

This can have a devastating impact on the victim’s quality of life-impacting relationships, occupation, and income, and school performance.

Perhaps the worst physical injury one can suffer is damage to the spinal cord. The spinal cord, along with the brain, makes up what is commonly referred to as the Central Nervous System. The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves that runs from the brain down to the waist. This bundle of nerves is surrounded by a column of protective bones known as vertebrae. A spinal cord injury is defined as damage to the spinal cord that causes a loss of function to the body. This loss of function is often total or partial paralysis and/or a lack of physical sensation.

When a spinal cord injury does occur, the extent of the injury is often related directly to the level on the spinal cord where the trauma occurred. Injury to the cervical portion of the cord, the area associated with the neck, often results in total paralysis of the arms and legs, this is termed quadriplegia. If the injury occurs to the mid-section of the spinal column or thoracic region, the result is often lower-body paralysis, this is termed paraplegia. Lower spinal column or lumbar region injury often results in at least some loss of lower mobility and sensation. That is why trauma to the neck and back that damages the spinal cord can result in a serious and lifelong injury. Find useful information on this website

Thankfully, modern medicine is making great strides in this area and there is hope. Unfortunately, both cutting-edge treatments and the extensive care and physical therapy that are needed after any spinal cord injury are very expensive. It is often the case that insurance companies will vigorously fight against paying the necessary monies required to accident victims. We will vigorously represent your interests in these proceedings and help you along as your claim progresses.