Texas truck drivers work long hours with very rigorous work schedules, and often have to meet unrealistic deadlines put into place by their employer or the shipper of the cargo they are carrying. This is when truck driver fatigue can set in, creating an extremely dangerous situation for the driver and other motorists. Fatigue and lack of sleep have become some of the primary contributors to highway truck accidents, not only in Texas but throughout the country.18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Federal regulations limit how long a truck driver may operate a motor vehicle on Texas roads. A truck driver traveling along any Texas road is put in a difficult position. This is equally true of truckers on major highways. On the one hand, the driver must get from Point A to Point B and make his or her deliveries on time. On the other hand, he or she is supposed to ensure that they drive safely and get adequate rest. Sometimes this is just not possible, and a driver will often opt to sacrifice sleep before missing a deadline. Although the driver likely believes that he or she is fine to continue driving and does not anticipate an accident, this is no excuse for failing to comply with federal law and the driver will be found negligent.

Texas companies are supposed to make sure that any truck drivers they employ follow the regulations set by the State of Texas and federal laws. When one of their drivers fails to do so, they may also be joined as a defendant in an ensuing lawsuit.

Texas Truck Driver Log Book – Trucking Injury Lawyer

An interstate truck driver must maintain a logbook containing a record of when they are on duty, driving, resting, etc. This logbook data can also be electronically monitored by an onboard “black box.” Often, a truck driver will alter, change, modify, or “doctor” his or her logbook to make it conform to the laws and hide the fact that they were actually driving past the acceptable number of hours. Comparing the hard copy logbook to the electronically recorded data is very important in some tractor-trailer crashes. Unfortunately, some lawyers have no idea of the intricacies of these laws let alone how to “download” the ECM data from one of these on-board computers. Do not just hire any Texas lawyer to protect you, contact one of the Texas truck accident lawyers on this page, as they are seasoned and experienced in handling Texas truck accident claims.accident lawyers

Truck Companies in Texas Set Deadlines

Texas trucking companies expect deliveries to be made on time. This can put undue stress on the driver to make his deadlines. As mentioned, however, there are federal regulations that govern the number of hours the truck driver is allowed to drive. A Texas long-haul trucker has a cab in the back of the truck and, after a certain amount of hours, the driver is supposed to go off duty, get some rest and sleep in the cab.

More times than most of us can imagine, truckers drive well past the time when they should call it quits for the evening. Fatigue sets in and the trucker’s reflexes slow down. Unfortunately, when this happens, innocent motorists are frequently injured or killed. The driver’s failure to take breaks and get the proper amount of rest, as prescribed by the law, can result in a catastrophic accident of a semi, big rig, or 18-wheeler along a Texas highway. In these cases, a Texas trucking company may be found accountable for the driver’s negligent behavior and have to pay at least a portion of the victim’s personal injury or property damage claim.

Texas Truck Stops

One of the most common ways truckers get adequate rest is to use a truck stop. If a Texas truck driver fails to get proper rest, which is defined under federal and Nevada truck regulations, then the driver will be found negligent if a truck accident occurs due to driver fatigue. These establishments provide a quiet parking space where truckers can pull over and sleep in their cab.

Don’t be a victim of driver fatigue. Truck drivers are required by law to rest, and you have rights if you have been injured by an overworked, fatigued truck driver.

Texas Truck Drivers are Experts in Their Field

Texas truckers are expert truck drivers. They have a commercial driver’s license and have chosen to drive large trucks professionally, as a career. As such, commercial truck drivers have a duty to do their job right. Just as a Texas truck accident lawyer can’t take a case and just “halfway” work on it, or do it a little bit, a trucker shouldn’t either.personal injury - truck accident attorneys

Driver Fatigue Impairs Judgment

Most often, in driver fatigue cases that occur on Texas roads and highways, the trucking company and the driver are at fault.

Truck drivers who fail to get adequate rest or who stay awake longer than the recommended number of hours may suffer sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can severely impair judgment and slow the response time of a person who is sitting behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer, big rig, or semi-truck traveling along Texas streets and highways.

When a trucker driving in Texas becomes tired, sleepy, and fatigued, the trouble is compounded because one’s judgment can become impaired in addition to one’s response time. The truck driver won’t be able to think clearly and won’t be able to evaluate the extent of his or her own impairment. This makes the situation especially dangerous for fellow motorists.

If you have been involved in a truck accident in the Texas area, or a surrounding area, you are entitled to compensation, whether the cause was driver fatigue, recklessness, or poor truck maintenance. Act fast and hire a qualified Truck Accident Attorney to represent you! For more Question please visit this website @

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