An estimated 37,500 people die as a result of truck accidents and collisions in the United States each year. San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas, with a population of almost 1.7 million. San Antonio has its fair share of truck accidents due in large part to high population density and congested traffic patterns. As the county seat of Bexar County, SA is a sprawling area with a great deal of traffic congestion which leads to frequent automobile accidents of all types, including truck accidents. We also experience a high volume of commercial traffic through the Interstates.accident injury lawyers

Supporting Bexar County are several major freeways such as I-10, I-35, I-37 and 281. These major roadways and highways see a high volume of traffic each day. Bexar County, like any other large metro area in the United States, experiences a number of truck accidents that can seriously affect the lives of our County residents. It is in these unfortunate instances that you need a truck accident lawyer to advocate on your behalf. If you have a South Texas truck accident claim, call one of the truck accident lawyers listed on this site for a free initial consultation.

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Because a commercial vehicle accident involving an automobile usually results in severe injuries or death, due to the weight difference of a car versus the weight of a tractor-trailer, it is essential that you choose an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney. Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and are called various names throughout the United States. Here are just some common names and their meanings:

Commercial Truck
Semi Truck
18 Wheeler

The above five references usually refer to a vehicle that has, when you count all the axles of both the tractor and trailer, a total of 5 axles, 10 brakes, an average overall standard height of 13´ 6´´, an overall length of 70´ to 80´, a total of 12 gears (10 forward and 2 reverse), and an overall maximum weight of 80,000 pounds without any overweight certificates. Compared to the average weight of an automobile, which is only 5,000 pounds, you can easily see how much more dangerous a large truck like this could be.

Big-Rig Injury Lawyers

Then there are trucks that do certain things and carry certain items:

Bob-Tail Trucks
Tanker trucks
Refrigerated trucks
Flat bed trucks
Logging trucks

Then there are trucks that are commercial in nature but do not necessarily involve long haul situations. Some of the examples stay within the State of Alabama and some do not. However, when any one of these is involved in a wreck, it is advisable to retain an attorney with Big-Rig accident knowledge.

Limo Bus accidents occur running from and to;
Shuttle bus accidents driving to and from the airport, e.g., our Regional Airport;
Transportation buses such as Greyhound;

Metro Buses.

Truck accidents caused by semi-trucks, big rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, buses and commercial vehicles are common on our streets, avenues, and highways. Many of the semi truck crashes that occur in the city of San Antonio happen along the major highways, which include I-10, I-35, I-37, US-281. personal injury - truck accident attorneys

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When driving along an intersection, avenue, or highway, there are many factors that can lead to a commercial semi-truck rollover, jackknife accident, or tractor trailer collision. The consequences can be devastating, with very serious injuries that can even result in death. When truck drivers fail to take the necessary precautions to avoid trucking accidents, they needlessly endanger the lives of people who ride in smaller vehicles. Drivers of semi-tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers are often pressured to work long hours in order to meet delivery deadlines. Drivers are required by federal law to take breaks and adhere to safety regulations, but they often take shortcuts when it comes to driver safety, resulting in driver negligence.

Under federal and state laws, a trucking company may be held liable for driver negligence occurring here. If you have been a victim of a tractor trailer or big rig truck accident in South Texas , or a nearby area, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. A qualified truck accident lawyer or attorney who is familiar with the federal laws as well as Alabama laws and regulations regarding commercial trucking can be a great asset in any potential lawsuit against a trucking company. This is a good reason why anyone involved in a truck collision should consider hiring a truck accident law firm to represent them in their claim against the trucking company. If you live in South Texas, your lawsuit will be filed here:

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